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"This ain't right"-Eri.



Character OutlineEdit

Airy Skylark a.k.a Eri is the current holder of the Skylight, being the leader of the Bambino. She, at first, reluctantly accepts the bracelet and the title of being the leader, stating that she doesn't want to get involved into anything. After the process of becoming a bambino, she rejected her form, saying that she had bad memories back when she was twelve.


She's the type that thinks before acting just like Kaleb, but unlike him, she recklessly does things on her own stating that she is capable of taking care of herself.



Eri and Kaleb has a rather mother and father relationship. They tend to their teammates and are always concerned about them.

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Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Open Finger Gloves - Eri uses martial arts and a pair of metal open finger gloves to fight. The gloves have the factor of all flames.


Rare - Eri owns a female tiger named Rare. Rare often attacks enemies from behind with stealth.