Ulquiorra Snapshot3
Title The True Night
Gender Male
Age N/A
Status Alive
Date of Birth N/A
Famiglia N/A
Loyalty Night Walkers


Partner Blaze
Team Night Walkers
Weapon Spear
Flame Night


Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg

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End MEEEEEEEEEEEE is one of the Night Walkers follow the Vindice and act as their secondary group. He is the most feared out the group. Doing something not even his friend Blaze and the mighty Abyss could do. Fully control the Flame of Night. Using both the flame of Night and the Lighting flame he was born with the male proves to be the most dealy out of the whole group.


End MEEEEEEEEEEEE a slender male yet very muscular with white skin. He has short and messy black hair which allows for part of his bangs to fall before his face. End MEEEEEEEEEEEE’s are green eyes with small slit-shaped pupils similar to a cat's and distinctively thick eyebrows. He has teal lines that descend from the lower part of his eyes. His facial expression rarely changes, though he is almost always frowning. He wears a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama when not in his uniform. Upon the side of his head is horn fragment which grows out his skull.

History Edit

End MEEEEEEEEEEEE like the other Night Walkers was a part of family who was trying to turn them into combat mutants, but was arrest during the raid by Vindice. After few years in prison were allowed to join in to Vindice’s becoming its secondary group. End proved to have the most potential out them all so much Bermuda questions was the male ever human. Being unable to remember his past after being locked away so long End just tells him one day we will find out.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Explosion... I MEAN-I MEAN UH Erosion: A powerful beam made out of one of his two flames, each the color of the element he uses. Erosion as it names says it able to break down whatever objects it comes in contact with it, leaving only partly burned remains in their place. The lighting version is far easier to use and he common uses it in battle along with his normal combat style. It is powerful enough to deal damage to buildings and blow wholes through them cleanly and beyond. The black version made the flames of night is so powerful he first have to transform in order to use its. When used the beam is said by Reborn to even be above the power level of X burner.

MEEEEEEEEEEEE: End because of his mutated body is able to use the flames of night to swift its form into a more powerful variant. His first one causes End to look bat-like in appearance. While in this form he gains large black bat wings on his back, his hairs becomes longer and wilder, and the bone fragment on his head grows adding two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. The lines on his face become black, broader and more triangular and his fingernails lengthen. His attire becomes more form fitting and closed at the top, becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. In this form, he can use his wings for flight.

Shrek The Third: While he retains his black wings, his long white coat is gone, revealing a more defined musculature with his chest bare and hollow in his chest dripping black, blood-like liquid. His waist becomes covered in something similar to black fur, which also covers his arms and legs. His fingers grow claw-like extensions and his feet become like talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow while the sclera becomes green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turn black. End fragment disappear leaving only the two horns, as he has taken on the fuller appearance of a bat. He now has two large bat- ears and whip like talk.