[[Image:Eques 2|300px|Mystical Horse]]

Title Mystical Horse
Name Equus
Attribute Mist
Animal Unicorn
Users Liviana
Power B
Intelligence B
Speed B
Stamina A
Personality Obedient and Calm
  • Stabbing
  • Licking
  • Shadowing

 Unicorn is Liviana's mist attribute Box Weapon. 

Under Constuction


Equus appears as a muscular black unicorn with a mane of purple flame with violet eyes and more indigo flames on its ankles and tail. When Equus teleports or appears, black waves tend to appear out of the ground.


  • Equus is able to reside in a person's shadow, allowing its Master (Liv) to hear and see the movements of the person whose shadow Equus is in.

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