The Flare-Gloves are similar to Giotto's I-Gloves but instead of the blue insignia with the Vongola crest on it, It had fire opal insignia with a flame with a bullet on it. It can ignite the Sky Flame which can be used for propulsion.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the I-Gloves, The Flare-Gloves is able to support a skill called Flash Flames or Scoppiare di Divampare. Literally being translated into 'Burst of Light'
  • The Flare-Gloves was the only gloves that gave off an intense amount of flames, creating something similar to a solar flare.
  • Though, I-Gloves and Flare-Gloves are similar in many ways. They are both use Sky Flames and they are able to support flying.

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