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Age 13 beginning Age 14 Hyper will- great war arc Age 15 ceremony arc Age 17 1st movie Age 19 2nd movie Age 23 current

Izoyoi Sawada was the son of Tsunayoshi Sawasda And Haru Sawada.
He was raised to not know what the mafia was. that was until he met Nagato Simone the 11 generation Simon boss. A rival Mafia family by the name of The Beasto Familia abducted his new friend and Izoyoi was powerless to help. He told his father what happened and Tsuna told him about the mafia and him and Reborn started to train him. During that training Izoyoi met his storm guardian. Stark wren.
Storm guardian

Stark wren Age 14 beginning Age 15 Hyper will-great war arc Age 16 Ceremony arc Age 24 current

He started out by testing Izoyoi and after he was shot with a deathperation shot he passed. He and Stark searched for a rain guardian when he remembered his friend Harui Nasuya.

Therain guardian

age 13 beginning age 13 Hyper will-great war arc age 14 Ceremony Age 18 2nd movie Age 22 current

He called her and she laughed saying why did you not call me earlier. She accepted the  role as rain guardian.q

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