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Gender Female
  • 14 (Beginning)
  • 15(Present)
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 1st
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
  • Varia
  • Team Mammon
  • Pandora (former)
  • Boots
  • Guns
Box Animal Equus


Flame Moon Flame
Blood Type O
Height 5'4ft
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father
  • Alexander (Brother)

 Under Construction. 

Liviana is a girl who lost every inch of her memory, her real name is Splendora. She doesn't know her name and her bother Alexander wont tell her. Liviana is a girl with a very tragic past that caused her to throw out her memories. Later on the Varia come into her life. Belphegor, Squalo who were in her class. While Lussuria was the new teacher due to her scaring off the last 7 teachers in the past three mouths. Leviathan was the new school guard along with Xanxus. Liviana has been taken out of the class by force by Xanxus or/and Leviathan. (More on the why).

Character OutlineEdit


She has snow white hair that goes past her knees and pale skin tone. 15 years old. Her knee-length, snow white hair and pale skin tone. Lavender eyes. Her right eye are like cat cats and keeps the eye patch on the right to cover it. Her left eye is normal lavender. She normaly wears the female Ravenwood Highschool first year customized uniform which is a back vest with two purple pockets under that is an untucked also few bottons unbottoned white dress shirt. A lose purple tie and a purple skirt. High purple stockings with purple laced up black, heeled boots. (Other uniforms are purple as well but also tucked in shirt, tie tied correctly, different socks, and hair style) Later in Liviana cute her hair arranged in a bob cut.

Noted by Tsuna that her eyes have a hint of sadness to them but he never brought it up with her instead Hayato talked to her on behalf oh the 10th. (moer later)


She has no memory's of her past or even her name. She doesn't have any family, she stays with a friend that hesitates to give her a name. She appears to be cold and rude at the start, especially to her classmates. She is hotheaded, loud spoken and says what she thinks without any regard to the consequences. Due to her short temper, she is energetically aggressive with people in general. Despite this, she also has a soft side. She hates being alone. She has a huge appetite and rejects failure.

She can be rather cruel, even towards her subordinates. She puts this sharp divice into there heads that releases poision with a puch of a botton or if they took if off (only she could take it off). She is called "Dark Genius" by her classmates. They call her that because she passes all her homework and tests; only working of them for minutes to ten minutes. She cares deeply for Aqua even though she put her divice into her brain. Aqua almost betrayed her once; Liviana's brother wanted her dead and Aqu was sent to kill her but she stoped remembing the thing in her head and also that Aqua was her most trusted friend. Liviana cares for her subordinates but if they betray her; she'll kill them without hesitation or mercy. 

Liviana isn't afraid to die, infact everytime someone points a gun or puts a knife to her throat she tells the person to get it over with. She suffers from Brontophobia (a fear of thunder), which terrifies her to the point of paralysis which was only seen by Viper and Belphegor. 

Plot OverviewEdit

Varia Daily Life Arc

Hasn't appeared yet. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Right Eye: Before learning her flame, She used her right eye that could see like body heat through practicly anything. 


Sharp: A sharp opject Liviana puts into the top on her enemy/subordinates/friends heads to make sure they don't betray her.

Boots: Her heals on her black heeled boots can change into knives. Which she uses to kill her enemies. 

Hidden Guns: She carries two pistols with her nearly all the time, expecially when going on conferences or school, she is highly skilled with these. She hides then good which no one in school knows where. Liviana is capable of infusing her guns with Moon Flames.

Moon Ocelot: Liviana's Box Weapon. A Ocelot that generates lavender moon flames that poison anyone it touchs even other box weapons. It moves at blinding speeds and very flexible. By growling moon flames come out of the mouth surounding Liviana and the Ocelot.

Change in level: Little did Liviana know at the time but when she has zero poison in her system her eyes turn red and her flame comes out. "Liviana's body can't withstand that flame." Stated by the moon arcobaleno. 

Equus: Livianna's Box Weapon. A unicorn.

Albus: Her second box weapon. A snow leoperd.

Third box weapon: Opening this box is capable of summoning numerous bladed chain links that can dismember human bodies. She used on her on one of the triplets (her sister Lorianna).


  • When she mets one of the Vaira (not say with one) gave her a name, 
  • The first time she saw Viper she wanted to hug him but she didn't. 
  • In her high school there are lots of rumors about her like; "Shes a loner, i bet shes a spy" and "Rumor has it shes from England and killed the royals" a couple of people told the Varia this.
  • Her favorite color is red. She takes a liking to blood but hates it when it gets on her.
  • Some people calls her "White Rose" meaning her hair and that she likes white roses.
  • Another nickname is "Black Princess" meaning her personality.
  • She is refered to as "Miss Black" by her subordinates.
  • Shes called "Dark Genius" by classmates.
  • If Liviana drinks to much or too little poison her moon flame will be avtivated and her eyes turn red along with her craving to kill anyone arounf her. Even if she cares for them.
  • Her favorite meals/food are Sushi, Meat, Sweet and Sour Chicken. Her favorite drinks are Tea, and some type of alcohol even though she doesn't hold her alcohol well. She likes popsicle alot. She often is seen with this.
  • Liv or Liva for short. 
  • Her character song is 'Kinjirareta Asobi'.