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Luca green eyes


Luca Esposito
All Guardians
Gender Male
Age 15
Status Diamante Quinto
Date of Birth 11/6/1995
Famiglia Diamante
Loyalty Diamante, Vongola
Weapon Diamante Glove
Box Animal Lupo di Cielo
Flame Sky, Cloud, Rain, Storm, Sun, Lightning, Crystal
Blood Type O+
Height 5'11
Weight 135


Luca was a very shy, quiet boy before he got involved in the mafia. This is because his Great Great Great Grandfather was Diamante Primo, or the First Diamante Boss. Luca was never a very athletic person, but was at the same time a semi-strong and fast person. He was also very smart, and was sometimes at the top of his class, especially for math. Luca has always been great at analyzing situations at a very fast speed, and the contacts that Vincentio Contiello made for him greatly increase the rate of his analyzations. These contacts can also analyze an opponent's flame type.


Luca is approximately 5 feet and 11 inches tall. He has somewhat long, brown hair and green eyes. He is usually shown wearing jeans, sometimes with a chain on them. Luca's shirts mostly consist of black t-shirts with skulls or dragons on them. Although he usually wears black, he has been shown wearing green, blue, purple, gray, brown, and white t-shirts as well. If it's not very warm outside, Luca is usually wearing a sweat jacket(colors consisting of black, white, brown, and red), which also have skulls or other designs on them.

Mafia BackgroundEdit

Luca is the holder of the Sky Diamante ring, because he is the Diamante Quinto. He became involved in the mafia at the age of 13, and worked on perfecting his own unique form of the Diamante Glove from age 14 to 15. In the process of completing his own form, he perfected the First Diamante's crystal flame. He chose his best friends to be his guardians because he knew they would be loyal to him, and work their hardest to help the Diamante. Luca recently obtained the Diamante Primo's blood, called "Infliction", from Diamante Quarto in his dying days as an heirloom.

Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Reflex Flame Purity/Power Total Stats
5 4.5 4.5 4 4.5 5 27.5/30


Luca TYL

Luca, 10 Years Later

Storm Dante Ferari
Rain Giulio Marino
Sun Marcello Gallo
Lightning Vincentio Contiello
Cloud Nico Moretti
Mist Piero Giordano