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"I may be unattached but that doesn't mean I'm not loyal. Tsuna, the Vongola Decimo, is the one that has my loyalty. He may not be my Sky but he is a Sky that I'll gladly protect." - Miyazaki Shimizu

Miyazaki Shimizu, commonly referred to as Miya-nii or Miyazaki-senpai, is the only child of Hana and Mattei and the sole heir to the Shimizu fortune and vast estate.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Miyazaki is a tall and fairly slim male with short brown hair and deep green eyes that he had inherited from his grandfather, Haruhiko. His typical attire consists of a white, button-up shirt, a black vest, black trousers, a pair of fingerless gloves and black shoes.

On his waist, Miyazaki has a purple sword belt where his twin Daishō katanas rest.

Personality Edit

At first glance, Miyazaki seems to be your typical Cloud; not staying in one place and always floating around wherever the wind carries him. He seems to be cold to everyone and always brushes them off.

However, when you know what signs to look for in Miyazaki's attitude, you will find that he does care about those that he perceives as his, he always makes sure that they are not injured in any way or form, that they don't need for anything.

History Edit

Early Childhood Edit

Miyazaki grew up in a fairly stable if quite a wealthy household with a loving father and a doting mother who always tried to be there for their son despite the tight and always strict business schedules that kept them on the other side of Japan.

Due to his parents' fairly lax attitude to what he was doing outside of school and his studies, Miyazaki had a tendency to spend that time outside or at the local dojo where he practised kenjutsu and hand-to-hand to do something productive with his time.

It was during one of his one-on-one spars with his sensei that Miyazaki had unlocked his Cloud flame and while he had been very startled, considering that the flames hadn't burned him and they were purple, he had taken it in stride like he did everything else.

When he unlocked the Storm flames he hadn't even been surprised and just went with the flow like always.

Prior to the Series - Meeting Tsuna Edit

Miyazaki first met Tsuna when the future Vongola Decimo had been eight-years-old. He had been minding his own business, just passing by the Elementry School of Namimori when he came upon the small brown-haired child being bullied and teased by his classmates.

Bullying had never stuck well with Miyazaki so he quickly shooed the bullies away and helped Tsuna by patching him up. That had been the beginning of a beautiful friendship is what his parents used to say.

Following that meeting, Miyazaki always seemed to arrive at the right time to protect the young child from his tormentors. Over time, the protector/protected relationship changed into a genuine friendship and even though Tsuna was three years younger then Miyazaki, the Shimizu had found himself enjoying Tsuna's company and always made sure to be there for the young Sawada.

Start of the Series Edit

By the time Reborn came to Namimori to train Tsuna to become the 10th Boss of the Vongola, Miyazaki had already been in his last year of High School and quite ready to graduate and leave Japan behind to start a career as a freelance hitman -as he had been aware that his usage of flames would garner attention from the wrong sort of people no matter where he went- however Reborn's arrival and Tsuna's subsequent foray into the Mafia put a stop to that.

As he treasured Tsuna like a younger brother, Miyazaki quickly integrated himself within the sphere of friends and Guardian's that Tsuna was, unknowingly, collecting. He quickly placed himself in the position where if things got dire, he would be able to help the fifteen-year-old out.

Relationships Edit

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada Edit

After their first meeting, Miyazaki seemed to always gravitate towards the young child, always finding him when he was in a spot of trouble and always helping him out. Over the years, Miyazaki grew protective of Tsuna and tended to protect the boy from the worst of his bullies who would rather face an enraged Hibari then a calm and calculating Miyazaki. He thinks of Tsuna as the younger brother that he doesn't have and does everything in his power to help him, giving him a hand but at the same time pushing him to do his best.

Hibari Kyouya Edit

Miyazaki and Hibari share a healthy amount of respect between each other as well as a healthy rivalry that keeps them on their toes. As fellow Clouds, they have more in common than anyone else amongst Tsuna's circle of friends and it is this that gives them the ability to understand each other.

Rokudo Mukuro Edit

While at the beginning Miyazaki just cannot stand the Mist user, over time he grows to acknowledge the strength that Mukuro possesses and that, despite him jabbering about taking over Tsuna's body to destroy the mafia, he will do every in his power to protect his Sky.

Hayato Gokudera Edit

He admires Gokudera's loyalty to Tsuna and silently acknowledges the strength that the other has hidden within him. He feels that Gokudera can do more if he puts his mind to it but knows that the silverette male will take a while to come to that conclusion himself.

Lambo Edit

Miyazaki loves Lambo while at the same time loathing the fact that the young child had been forced to join a Mafia at such a young age to just survive the world. He tends to do everything in his power to help nurture the Lighting child to the best of his ability.

Yamamoto Takeshi Edit

Miyazaki feels that Yamamoto isn't exactly ready for the Mafia world at this moment in time however, he also acknowledges that the Rain Guardian has the skills of being Tsuna's most valued and ruthless hitman ever. Ignoring the fact that he's a fairly joyful guy, Miyazaki can tell that Yamamoto's laughs and jokes are just a mask to hide his more sadistic and ruthless personality.

Sasagawa Ryohei Edit

From the very beginning, Miyazaki enjoyed the Sun's optimism and while he doesn't exactly like Ryohei's loud shouts and screams, he does acknowledge that the Sun Guardian's skill are pretty much second to none at such a young age.

Reborn Edit

He has a healthy dose of respect for Reborn and while at first, he didn't like the extreme measures that he went to train Tsuna, he realizes that it was Reborn's way of getting his younger brother ready for the harsh future ahead.

Iemitsu Sawada Edit

The less said about the Sawada patriarch the better. Miyazaki cannot stand Iemitsu and even refuses to be in the same room with him unless there is a need for it. Ever since he got to know Tsuna, Miyazaki blamed Iemitsu for the hurt and bullying that Tsuna was going through.

Timoteo Edit

While he acknowledges that the man is strong, Miyazaki feels that he cannot trust the Nono of the Vongola purely for the fact that he was the one whom had sealed Tsuna's Sky Flame's without taking into account what it could actually do to him. He also blames him for thinking of his Famiglia over Familia.

Xanxus Edit

A Sky with a potential to do well - that's what Miyazaki thought first when he came face to face with the Varia leader. The amount of Sky and Storm flames that poured off of Xanxus had been overwhelming to Miyazaki however, he had felt how his own flames were curiously answering to those Wrath-filled flames.

Fuuta de la Stella Edit

The Ranking Prince is another child that Miyazaki feels has been unfairly pulled into the Mafia just because he is The Ranking Prince. He had been one of the first ones to jump on board to protect the young kid from Mafioso who would rather harm him then see him safe.

Equipment and Abilities Edit

Flames Edit

  • Cloud Flames; The Cloud Flame is Miyazaki's main Flame that he had activated upon his ninth birthday during a regular spar with his kenjutsu sensei.
  • Storm Flames; The Storm Flame is Miyazaki's Secondary Flame that he had activated upon his fourteenth birthday.

Abilities Edit

  • Flame Enhanced Hand-to-Hand Combat; An expert at Hand-to-Hand combat, Miyazaki has a tendency to infuse his punches and kicks with flames to get his fights done quicker.
  • Kenjutsu; A Master Swordsman, Miyazaki is one of those types whose style is so random that no-one can pinpoint whether he's fighting seriously or not.

Equipment Edit

  • Izanagi & Izanami - These are a pair of Daishō katanas that he had received from his father upon his sixteenth birthday as a congratulation for getting into High School.
  • Cloud Box; Susanno -
  • Flame Resistant Gloves -

Trivia Edit

  • Miyazaki's loyalty is first and foremost to Tsuna and his Guardians.
  • Miyazaki prides himself on being the elder brother of the gang.
  • His fear is the inability to protect those whom he considers as his.
  • His IQ is over 200.
  • He has both a motorbike license and a car license; he plans on getting a pilots licence in the near future.
  • He has no qualms in calling people out on their bullshit.
  • He cannot stand the Vongola mentality of Famiglia over Familia.

Quotes Edit

  • "Who the hell do you think you are to tell Tsuna what to do? You may be his Father but you certainly are not his Dad. You haven't been for a long time." - Miyazaki to Iemitsu Sawada
  • "A Sky that has potential but is filled with grief and anger. He's the kind of Sky that I wouldn't mind harmonizing with. He knows what he wants and what he needs to do to get it." - Miyazaki about Xanxus to Reborn during the Sky Match between Tsuna and Xanxus.
  • "You are Tsuna's Mist Guardian whether you like it or not Mukuro. You may hide behind your chuckles and speeches but we both know that when it comes to it, you will be the first one protecting your Sky. After all he is the one that accepts all of you." - Miyazaki to Mukuro about him being Tsuna's Mist.
  • "You are one part of a whole Chrome-san. Be proud of that. Show those Mafioso that just because you're a pretty face doesn't mean you can't be badass either." - Miyazaki to Chrome during a pre-meeting.
  • "Famiglia over Familia eh? It's no wonder this Family has gone down and under. You should be thankful for Tsuna, he'll bring this Family back to where it should be." - Miyazaki to the Ninth Boss, his Guardians and Iemitus.
  • "Tell me, what do you think you'll gain by kidnapping me?" - Miyazaki to Byakuran
  • "What do you think you'll gain by trying to tempt Tsuna, Daemon Spade? Unlike all the other Vongola Bosses, Tsuna is more like Primo then anything else. Are you telling me that my younger brother will become a Boss entangled in Vongola's Sins? Don't make me laugh. He'd rather burn the Famiglia to the ground then let it continue to soak in the blood of innocents. You can try tempting Tsuna but you'll never suceed." - Miyazaki to Daemon Spade
  • "Tsuna ain't stupid. He knows that he needs to become the Decimo of the Vongola, however that doesn't mean he has to follow the current path that the Vongola is on. Don't try to make him into someone that he isn't Reborn." - Miyazaki to Reborn