Santaro Hashirama

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Romanji Name

Santaro Hashirama


  • "Ass-Whoop-Machine"
  • "Big Bowl of Sunshine"







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  • Cloud Mare Ring
  • Cloud Nunchucks
  • Zanzare Nube



Santaro Hashirama is the right hand man of Shinsuke Masamoto. They both created the D-Gang which is a vigilante group made to stop the mafia.

Character OutlineEdit


Santaro has pure white hair which hangs over his eyes which makes him unpredictible.He wears headphones that play his favorite songs. He is also wearing a coat that has fur on the outside of the hood.he has pretty pale skin so sometimes he can blend in with the snow.He also always has a mysterious smile which makes girls go wild for him and make dudes just want to kill him.


He is a huge joker he makes everyone around him laugh, Plus he is a absoulute play boy that is brimming with self confidence. His emotions are contagious to everyone he meets he can light u a room with his personality. The only reason why he isnt the boss of the D-Gang is because he lacks the natural leading factor that Shinsuke has.He can make enemies become friends by turning the situation from bad to good.Santoro also is scared of his eyes because his mom left him at the orpahange because of them and it seems as if shinsuke is the only one who has ever seen them.


Santaro was born to a crack head mom who didnt take care of him at 3 years old she left him at a orphanage and never came back. He meet the headmaster of the orphanage Mr.Smith. Mr Smith was an evil man who would beat the kids just cause he could.He really hated Santoro for no reason other than his eyes. Santaro would cry every night for the mom that never would come back. A few years passed and the he saw Shinsuke come to the orphanage. Mr. Smith hated Shinsuke the first day Mr.Smith hit him with a brick for no reason.Santoro tried
The Orphanage

The Orphanage

 to help him but Mr. Smith just beat him too. One day Mr.Smith was about to beat all of them with a burning switch but Shinsuke came up and fought and killed Mr. Smith.Now without a home they both went out onto the street to fight for themselves. As they eacch fought on the street Santaro began looking at Shinsuke as aan older brother. Over the period of time they recruited each of the memebers of the D-Gang.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

One reason why Santaro survied over the years is because of his skill in battle.He is able to read and react to any situation that is thrown at him. He is the most physically powerful of all of the D-Group warriors. No one can match him in a physical battle.

Speed &Strength: His speed and strength are incredibly crazy he is able to move fast enough to make an experinced warrior lose track of him. With his strength he punched and kicked a normal man and almost killed him.He was able to dodge a speeding bullet that had storm flames on it with his speed.

Cloud Mare Ring: With this powerful ring he is able to produce stronger flames also he can make a sheild with his ring that when he blocks attacks the sheild swallows the attack and grows bigger with each attack.

Cloud Nunchucks: With these nunchucks he is able to make them grow and multiply. With the power of these nunchucks he can break through weak lightning flames.

Zanzare Nube: translation(cloud mosquitoes)  with this box weapon the mosquitoes will multiply and grow and  the more dying will flames they get the bigger the mosqitoes and more of them. Then the mosquitoes will bite the opponent which will transfer powerful cloud flames that will cause the enemy to grow and begin to be stretched until they die.