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    Rensa Famiglia

    December 15, 2016 by Lilpj200

    Rensa Famiglia

    Famiglia Name Rensa Famiglia

    Kanji Title シモンファミリー

    Literal Meaning Binding

    Current Boss Matsuyama

    Allied Families Vongola Famiglia Simon Famiglia

    The Rensa Famiglia has long since been the one of most powerful Mafia Famiglia in all of Italy. Several other Famiglias serve under the Rensa umbrella, including several members of the infamous Arcobaleno. Even when there is internal strife, members of the Rensa stand united to repel attack from opposing Famiglia, living up to their title as the best and the strongest.

    The Rensa came into being after Cozarto Simon and Giotto suggested to Luke, the Rensa Primo, to create a vigilante group in order to protect the people. From then on, each generation of the Rensa Famiglia has donned formal a…

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