Character Outline Edit

Volante di Vongola
Title Great Dragon of the Sky

Primo's Brother

正博 尊氏 (Masahirō Takauji)

Tremendo Drago di Cielo

Gender Male
Age 25 (During Primo's reign)

33 (During Secondo's reign)

42 (During Terzo's reign)

Status Deceased
Date of Birth July 21st
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Loyalty Vongola Primo & Guardians

Vongola Famiglia

Partner N/A
Team Vongola
Weapon Flash-Gloves
Box Animal N/A
Flame Sky
Blood Type O
Height 180cm (5 feet and 11 inches)
Weight 72kg (159lbs)
  • Giotto (Brother)
  • Camilla di Vongola (Wife)
  • Ambra di Vongola (Daughter)
  • Sawada Tsunayoshi (Descendant)
  • Sawada Iemitsu (Descendant)

Volante (ボランテ, Borante) is the brother and closest friends to Giotto and G. (also to Corzato). After Giotto decided on the next Vongola boss and stepped down, Volante and Giotto both took a carriage ride to a port city and said their goodbye's there. As for the rest of the guardians, they all retired which left Secondo and his guardians as current Vongola Boss/Guardians including Daemon Spade and their reign of fear and terror, through what Giotto sought to protect. It was the reason why he despised Daemon with a great passion.

Appearence Edit


Older Volante without Hyper Dying Will


He tends to wear the usual white button up with the first two on the top unbuttoned tucked under the traditional dress pants. When in Hyper Dying Will Mode, he appears with a orange flame over his forehead with gloves similar to Giotto's but instead of the 'I' over it it's replaced with a fire opal Fire insignia. He doesn't use any other weapons besides his Flare-Gloves which is similar to the 1st and 10th's gloves. He also wears a pendent and shades. His eyes are normally brown but turn into an amberish color when in Hyper Dying Will Mode

Personality Edit

Volante can be hot headed but not as much as G. and very energetic but he also has the same intention's like his brother. He also has an obsession over Vongola but isn't that obsessed like Daemon Spade. Though seeing his younger brother accept anyone into the Famiglia regardless of their background made Volante a bit angry since he'd just let them in but he didn't question him at all because he feared that Giotto would hate his brother. After meeting Simon through their (Giotto and Volante's) grandfather, Giotto was the one who actually approached him, creating an unbreakable bond between the two. Volante also has a loving/caring side which is unusual coming from him. He's mostly loving towards Camilla and his (Volante's) younger brother, Giotto. He tends to show affection/appreciation by placing his right hand over someone's head and ruffling it.

History Edit

Volante had a childhood friend besides G. and Giotto. Her name was Camilla who knew about Vongola and their intentions were which made her grow great affection towards him which. He was also great friends with G. and Giotto which made things easier for him when he joined Vongola. After meeting Simon from Giotto, he greeted himself then placed his hand over Corzato's head. It was a sign of appreciation which Simon only laughed. As stated by Simon himself, Volante could be too affectionate but Giotto said that he doesn't have a decent way to introduce himself so he just pat's people on the head. Volante's history with Vongola goes many years back when Giotto and G. first started it. His first time using Zero Point Breakthrough was when he fought Daemon Spade during Primo's era. Since Giotto was it's creator, he decided to learn from his talent and wise younger brother.

Relationships Edit

Guardians Edit


At the time, Volante knew about Giotto and G.'s plans to actually make the vigilante group for a while now. Their relationship is close, just like Giotto and G.'s relationship when they both started the Vongola. G. helped Volante when ever there was trouble and would help Giotto at the same time. Sometimes, Volante would reject his assistance but he insisted. It was something G. instinctively did if the boss was in trouble but he tried his best not to get in the way. He remained calm most of the time but there were some things that would set him off since he's like an over-protective parent.

Ugetsu Asari

Though Volante didn't get along with Daemon Spade very much, Ugetsu was like the opposite of him. Volante would always talk to Ugetsu when given the chance and would sometimes give him pets on the head which he (Ugetsu) didn't find weird at all. He would actually laugh and return the favor by just giving Volante a pat on the head too. They both appreciated each other's company which made Volante happy as ever. Like Giotto, when ever something seems off with Volante, he would feel paranoid and uneasy.

Lampo Edit

Lampo didn't like kids and he certainly did not like being treated like one. He was the youngest out of the Vongola group but he also thinks himself as better than anyone. It annoyed Volante sometimes but all he had to do to actually shut him up was just place his hand over his head and start ruffling his hair. It would sometimes cause him to panic and take a mirror out of nowhere just to fix it.

Knuckle Edit

Just like Ugetsu, he loved the company of Knuckle because it just soothed him when he wanted to just relax with his friends. Sometimes when they get bored, Knuckle would be the one who would get everything going, ending it with 'TO THE EXTREME'. Which actually affects the morale of the Vongola members. It was just relaxing to have Knuckle around.

Alaude Edit

Alaude wasn't the type to get along with anyone. He strayed from the group but he would always be there when Vongola needed him most. He'd often say that he doesn't fight 'a mere child' which was crazy because most of his enemies are either few years younger than him or about his age. The relationship between Alaude and Volante is that they don't talk to each other too much but when it comes to fight, they understand each other completely. It was strange but it was a better way to communicate to him then just talking to him.

Daemon Spade Edit

At first, Volante treated Daemon like he was a good friend. He was a great friend but after his lover's death, Elena, he started to act differently and eventually betrayed the Vongola Guardians and their boss. After that, Volante despised Daemon Spade so much that when it came to Ricardo's reign, he was angry as ever because of how Daemon was treating the Vongola. During Second's reign, Volante burst into the office and challenged both Ricardo and Daemon, finishing Ricardo by using Zero Point Breakthrough and almost getting rid of Daemon until he disappeared.

Corzato Simon Edit

Corzato was treated as if he was family and Volante agreed on that. Corzato and Giotto both had the same idea to help the same people which made it possible to create the Simon Familgia and Vongola Familgia. Though, Corzato thinks of Volante as touchy but it was okay since Giotto was his brother. It wasn't like he trusted Volante, it was just awkward to meet someone's sibling without a proper introduction. They weren't properly introduce and Corzato never really got the chance to introduce himself to Volante.

Family Edit

Vongola Primo/Giotto

Volante and Giotto were both brothers and best friends who lived in Sicily, Italy. When Giotto was younger, he would stick by Volante who'd always get into trouble when he saw someone getting bullied or if he saw a young girl being teased or a market stand that couldn't pay their tax. Giotto watched his brother do such vigilante acts and was inspired many years later to create the Vongola. Since Volante inspired Giotto, Giotto had made Volante the back up boss to the Vongola vigilante group.

Camilla di (Caro) Vongola

Volante, G., and Giotto are all her childhood friend. It was surprising but when she found out about Vongola, she wanted to be a part of this group to protect people by doing vigilant acts. She favored this so much when she was young. After years in Vongola, she developed feelings for Volante and ended up marrying him to have a child. They both married during Secondo's reign which made Volante a bit depressed because of his brother moving to Japan but she kept him from going into depression and would assist him when they go to the market place to help him carry groceries back.

Weapons of Choice / Abilities Edit

Flare-Gloves Edit

It's almost like Primo's I-Gloves but Volante actually uses them in fights (Because Giotto doesn't use his gloves in fights). The reason why it's called Flare-Gloves is because he can use flames as a blinding technique, creating something similar to a solar flare to blind his opponents also because the Flare-Gloves have fire opal on it.

Scoppiare di Luminoso Edit

Scoppiare di Luminoso (閃く明るい Hirameku Akarui) is literally translated to (Burst of Light) and is a skill that only Flare-Glove users can use due to the intense amount of light that radiates off of the Flare-Gloves. It is able to blind the user too so that's why he wears shades most often and sometimes closes his/her eyes but its recommended to wear shades.

Hyper Intuition Edit

The Vongola Hyper Intuition is a blood trait passed down through the generations of Vongola Bosses. It determines the eligibility of a person in order to be able to succeed the Vongola, and was described by Reborn as being "a power that could see through all"; however, there are instances where it has been fooled, such as Torikabuto's powerful Illusions using his Carnage Box. Giotto has shown the power to be able to seal the Hyper Intuition, when he sealed Tsuna's during G.'s Trial of Succession, although Tsuna was still able to sense that G was pretending to be Hayato Gokudera.

Pallottola a Fuoco Edit

When in Hyper Dying Will Mode, he has the ability to form bullet shaped flames from his finger and fire it, though, it takes 15 seconds to recharge his next bullet time; he can move around while it forms in his fingers.

Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition Edit

Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition (零地点突破: ファースト エディション, Zero Chiten Toppa: Faasuto Edishon) is a technique created by Vongola Primo and later used by the Ninth and Tenth Vongola Bosses. It takes advantage of the user being in Hyper Dying Will Mode to create ice that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by strong Dying Will Flames.