Yukiyoshi Yuki Sawada

Kanji Name


Romaji Name

Sawada Youkiyoshi


Vongola Undicesimo, 4th Sky Arcobaleno, 4th Arcobaleno Boss, Orange Twilight




5 (Firs Introduced) 14 ( Beginning) 15 (Parallel Saga) 14 (End Of parallel Saga) 5 (Future Saga) 15 (End Of Future Saga) 16 (The New Path) 1 (Present) 15 (A New World)


Alive (Present) Dead (Future)

Date of Birth

December 1st


Vongola Famiglia, The New Arcobaleno


Giotto De La Vongola (Ancestor) Tsunayoshi Sawada (Father) Kyoko Sasagawa (Mother) Kiddo Sawada (Adopted Little Brother) Shotayoshi Sawada (Little Brother) Iemitsu Sawada (Grandfather) Nana Sawada (Grandmother)

Weapons/ Flame

Flames,Sky, Arcobaleno

Weapons, Arcobaleno Light/Dark Blade Sky Staff


Yukiyoshi, Or More Commonly Called (Yuki) Sawada, Is The Son of Tsunayoshi And Kyoko Sawada, the older brother of Shotayoshi Sawada, and the adopted older brother of Kiddo Sawada.  He is Also The The Next in line to be the 11th Boss of The Vongola Famigila. 

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